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Whatever our hands touch we leave fingerprints! On wall, on furniture, on doorknobs, dishes, books, as we touch we leave our identity. Oh, please where ever I go today, help me leave heart prints! Heart prints of compassion of understanding and love. Heart prints of kindness and genuine concern. May my heart touch a lonely neighbor or a runaway daughter, or and anxious mother, or perhaps a dear friend. O shall go out today to leave heart prints, and if someone should say “I felt your touch,” may that one sense by Your love touching through me.


First let me say that our class reunion was great. Would have been greater if more had been there, but we had some 40 who shared and “remember when” ha! Classes represented were 1956, 1957, 1958 and 1961 and of course I might have missed one or two. Everyone is looking forward to next year!

Here on Wednesday were Justin and Denise Thompson who had not been by in quite some time. Enjoyed them!

Bob Tatum from Alabama was here on Wednesday also, He had eaten lunch with his cousin Jimmy Strong in Delhi and stopped by on his way to Shreveport, then down to Toledo Bend and back for the class reunion.

Sue Cobb from Lafayette was here on Thursday and I now have more of the Holly Ridge Mill Town books to sell, so come by.

During the week, visitors were deputies Wade, Ralph Odom, Charles Middleton and Tyler. They didn’t come arrest anyone, just to visit!

Saturday, Terry and Val Mann from out Texas way and Lisa Mann Clements stopped in for ice cream. It has been years since they were here. Always good to see “kids” who were in Holly Ridge School.

Happy birthday this week to Gary Freeland II, Bro. Mike Clark on August 30th, Ellie Jo Barker on August 31st, Barbara McCormick on Septemeber 1st, Carolyn Lyle, Morgan Kennedy on Septmeber 2nd, Jimmy Toney, Kyle Clack, my great grand Mylie McMillin on September 3rd, Shaina Roberts on September 4th, Janie Shoemaker on September 5, Belated wishes to Sherrif Gary Gilley on August 24th. May these celebrate many more happy ones!

Anniversary wishes to Deloris and Deryl Caston on August 30th, Allison and Skipper Vaughn on September 3rd. May these share many more happy years together!

Our heart felt sympathy goes out to the family and friends of Mr. Pete Walker at the sudden death. He will be greatly missed. I will surely miss him because he was a good friend and shared his fresh vegetables with me and my family. May God’s love surround each one touched by his life and death.

Have a good week! Call and share. Remember: Let others see Jesus in You!

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