Holly Ridge Happenings


The snow is falling softly as it lands up on the ground

The night is very quiet and I cannot hear a sound

I stand and look at all the flakes so big and fluffy now

The silence is so eerie as my mind keeps thinking how?

I love to watch the snowflakes fall, it is still a mystery

The way they float down to the earth and cover all I see.

One little snowflake at a time as they accumulate

Amazes me when joined together what they all create.

I watch the snowflakes piling up when landing on the lawn

And also see the ones that hit the pavement and are gone.

Every flake is beautiful and started out the same

But reaching earth some vanish quickly, will some will remain.


When the snow stops falling with this wondrous winter feat,

A breathtaking display of beauty will then be complete.

A blanket of the fresh new snow will beautify the day,

And just one snowflake at a time has made it all this way.


It seems that life is like a blanket of fallen snow

Accumulated through the years, to make life as we know.

Friends and loved ones came to us with the pretty flakes,

One at a time, each beautiful, to mold our lives and fates.

Some come into our lives to stay as snowflakes on the lawn

But others like the pavement snowflakes, quickly they were gone.

Each had an impact on our lives as they would come and go,

To help create our scene of life, as freshly fallen snow.

That is what you have today and soon that will go.

One by one the flakes will melt until it disappears,

The beautiful, breathtaking scene will flee as with our years.


Our life is built like falling snow and soon the picture’s done,

And as the snowflakes touch our lives, we must enjoy each one.

Don’t wait until the snowflakes melt with nothing left but lawn,

Enjoy the snow and scene of life, today before it’s gone.


Our love and prayers go out to the Dickerson family, Jimmy Dickerson lost his little grandson last week in a house fire. May God comfort all of his family.

The McKenzie boys, Mike and Calvin, were here last week. Their sister lost her husband Bobby Earl Ray. The funeral was at McKnight Cemetery so they stopped by here and were treated to ice cream cones by Calvin. Mike offered but Calvin beat him to it. Ha!

Bobby Earl grea up in this community when just a young boy.

Dan and Carol Little were here from West Monroe for a visit last Thursday. Always good to see them.

It was a granny, grandson weekend for Vanessa Thompson and Carter Cheek last weekend when they went out to Dallas for a trip to Dave and Busters. Carter received his gift card from her for this memory making weekend for Christmas. They did a lot of shopping and ate at some good food places.

Happy birthday this week to Mike Steele on Jan. 18; April M. Hale, Chase Winstead, Naamon Barries, Carolyn Herman and Kaitlyn Cheek on Jan. 20; Ricky Wilcher and Thomas Silk on Jan. 21; Hannah Jane Marsh and Laura Swain on Jan. 22; Kathering Roberts and Billy Nix on Jan 23; and Dustin Silk, Lorie Pierce and Crystal Stokes on Jan. 24. May they celebrate many more happy ones.

Anniversary wishes to Miranda and Adam Holley on Jan. 18 and Nancy and Mark Glover on Jan. 19. may these share many more happy years together.

We have been seeing so many deaths in and around our community, I hardly know where to start. Our heartfelt sympathy and love and prayers go out to the families of Dr. David Thompson, Stan Martin, Wayne Hosea, Bob Sharbono, Ben Love and Ann Nicholson. There is lots of emptiness but may God’s love and care bless these at their hour of need.

Have a great week. Please don’t get sick with the bad flu.

Remember: The only disability in life is a bad attitude.

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