Holly Ridge Happenings

Trust Him and He Will Show You

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart! This is a most important precept:

1. God is the Fountain of all good.

2. He has made his intelligent creatures dependent upon Himself.

3. He requires them to be conscious of that dependence.

4. He has promised to communicate what they need.

5. He commands them to believe His promise, and look for its fulfillment.

6. And to do this without doubt, fear, or distrust; with their whole heart.”

“Understanding is the reward of faith. Therefore see not to understand that thou mayest believe, but believe, but believe that thou may est understand.” You may trust the Lord too little, but you can never trust Him too much.

What a vacation!  Trey Stokes, Addy and Kenzie left for Breville, Texas to his mom’s, Corrine Stokes then headed to  Padre Island Beach but Trey met with a kidney stone so spent some time in the hospital.  His mom drove him back home and spent time here with them before heading back home on Friday so “get well” wishes go out to my Trey!

Yes!  Mrs. Lillian Reems has been on cloud nine.  Here for a visit was her children, Billy and Linda NIx from Newman, GA, grandchildren, David Nix, Elijah, Oliver and Zadie from Switzerland, Jason and Lori Nix, Grace, Cole, Tate, Finn, Grant, Chase and Tess from Washington.  They all took Mrs. Lillian to the  Nix and Jordan Family Reunion in Caddo, Texas.  John and Martha Jordan from West Monroe went also.

Tyler and Ashley Cheek, Carter and Aiden, Ashley’s sister Nikki and Kennedy and Leah Grace traveled down to Panama City, Florida to spend a few days on the beach.  No place like home was glad to be back, but had a great time.

Steve and Janice Lofton enjoyed their children Josh and Jenna, Stephen, Eathan and Maxwell from Texarkana here for a few days before school.  Little Ethan got to stay with them one more time before school.

Happy Birthday this week;  Jacqulene House, Jane McCartney, Patricia Silk on August 2, Ken Sanders, Joshua Colson, Michelle Massey on August 4, Blake McCowin, Eric Tribbs, Randy Swain, Madison Silk, Alexis Cheek on August 5, Mark Thomas on August 6, James Hough, Toni Thompson, Raleigh Hunter, Matt Steele, Katelyn Mann on August 7.  May these celebrate many more happy ones!

Anniversary wishes to;  Connie and Vic Cheek and my grandchildren, Emily and Ben Thompson on August 3, Vickie and Dennis Farrar on August 6, Sherry and Donald Letlow and Kelli and Wade Thames on August 7.  

May these share many more years of happiness together.  

Have a great week.  Please call and share. 

Remember:  Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory that no one can steal! 

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