Holly Ridge Happenings

Jump? Or just thinking about it?

A teacher once gave this problem to a class. “Three frogs sat on a long, and one decided to jump off. How many were left? “Two” promptly answered of the pupils. “Wrong,” corrected the teacher. “The third frog only decided to jump off. He didn’t jump.” 

Many folks are like the frog. They decided to “jump” for the lord; to do something for Him, but never really do. Their action never gets further than their thought process.  Do not just think about doing God’s will;  Do It!  A kindness done today is the surest way to a brighter tomorrow.

Here on Monday was Bobbie Donald Fallen and her son, Bubba, from Ruston. They stopped by after visiting the McKnight Cemetery. She commented that it looked great! She’s still doing great and in her nineties. Oh my!

Linda Welch Rider from Winnsboro came to see me on Sunday. She had been in Dunn to a “revealing party” She says is going to retire this year. Ha!

Steve and Janice Lofton enjoyed their daughter, Jenna, and boys from Texarkana spending the weekend with them. 

Bob Tatum came by on Thursday. He and Jean were in West Monroe for a grandson’s graduation and he had come to Delhi for breakfast with his cousin, Jimmy Strong, who made him tea cakes with chocolate icing. Oh what a treat.

Gracie Reed Pryer from Monroe was here on Saturday with her children, Gleynn, Jamie and Paul, and her two grandsons.

Elnora McNeese Brady from Shreveport, her granddaughter, Britany, and great grand, Paisley, were by the Bethel Cemetery and  came by to see me on Saturday.

Sunday brought Deborah Ogles and Patricia (Eva Steeles girls) my way to say hello. I’ll tell you, It’s always good for long time friends to come by.

The families of the late Sam and Minnie Mann and Uncle Tan Mann will have their annual family reunion at Poverty Point on June 9th, 2018. Come by for food, fun and fellowship.

Happy Birthday this week to John Thomas, Chris Gilly on May 17th, Sandra Hogg and Shane Burgess on May 19th, Zachary Swain on May 20th, Kyli Moore, Megan S. French on May 21st, Anita Brock, Lance Stokes, Haley Clark, Rhonda Pelley, Amber Goodman on May 22nd.  May these celebrate many more Happy ones. 

Anniversary wishes to Glenda and Joel Rawls on May 22nd. I wish them many more happy years together!

Have a blessed week! Please call or come by and share.

Don’t forget your cemetery donations for Bethel and McKnight Cemetery. Thanks to you who have given.

Remember: Pray so big and so often that when God meets you at Heavens gate he says with a smile. “Kid, you kept me very busy!”

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