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Just A Bedtime Thought

Everything that kept you up last night and stole your rest, didn’t go away just because you stayed awake worrying. Worry and Fear will keep you up all night, but faith makes a mighty fine pillow. You may not have an answer for your situation, you may not see a way out, you may feel like your heart is so broken it can never be put back together, but God does! Do your family and yourself a favor. Give it to God and go to sleep. God’s got this!


 Having a Rough Day?

Place your hand on your heart. Feet that? That’s called purpose. You are Alive for a Reason! God is in control! He’s not done with you yet! Have faith in God.


Gosh! I’ve been blessed this week with lots of company and from family and friends. Two of my Sistrunk Cousins, Randy Sistrunk and Deloris S. Caston stopped in for a visit. Robin Henson Goyne was here on Wednesday and brought her day, Calvin Henson who now lives with Robin and Kevin in Swartz. Calvin had heart problems so he is with them for a while.

Also on Wednesday, Jimmy and Bobbie Smith came for a visit. They never seem to get out often any more they say. That is a sign, oh yea!

Greg, Jeanne, Cooper, Emily, Ahndi and Colton were down at Gulf Shores for the week. They was doing some work on a condo for this friend while the others were “little” beach goers. Not so warm I’m sure, but they enjoyed the sand, water and get-away.

I received two post cards from Sara, the girl who come by in her RV for a cross country tour. She had made it to new Mexico. She said she really enjoyed the visit and ice cream with me!

Don’t forget! The Masters Men will be singing at Boeuf River Baptist Church this Sunday, April 28, at 6 p.m. Hope to see you there.

I’m now great-granny again. This one is number four. 

Little Maddox Rawls arrived on April 16th,  He was welcomed home by his mom and dad, Leann and Justin Rawls and his big brother Lawson. Congratulations to them all.

Happy Birthday this week to: Scott Self on April 26th, Jace Clack, Colby Sanders, Kasiie MePherson on April 27th, Sandra Kay C. Guest, Amy W. Barton on April 28th, Jordan Holly and Miranda Holly on April 29th, Carol Neilson Slayter Thompson, Abigale McManus, Oliva Kate Graham on April 30th, Mrs, Hazel Toney, Mia Weems on May 1st, Summer Vaughn, Brady Richardson, Ted Mayhall on May 2nd. May these celebrate many more happy ones..

Anniversary wishes to: Cindy and Dennis Odom, Judy and Paul Slayter on April 26th, Fannie and Bennie Wynn on April 27th, Annette and Wayne Vondenstine on Apirl 30th. May these share many more happy years together.

Have a great week. Please come by or call!

Remember: Everything happens for a reason. That reason causes change. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes its hard. But, in the end its all for the best. Never stop trusting God and believing in His plan!

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