Holly Ridge Happenings

Letter to Jesus from Santa

My dear precious Jesus, I did not mean to take your place. I only bring toys and things and you bring love and grace. People give me lists of wishes and hope that they come true. But you hear prayers of the heart and promise your will to do. Children try to be good and not to cry when I am coming to town. But you love them unconditionally and that love will abound. I leave only a bag of toys and temporary joy for a season. But you leave a heart of love, full of purpose and reason. I have a lot of believers and what one might call fame. But I never healed the blind or tried to help the lame. I have rosy cheeks and a voice full of laughter. But no nail-scarred hands or a promise of the hereafter. You may find several of me in town or at a mall. But there is only one Omnipotent You to answer a sinners call. And so, my dear precious Jesus, I kneel here to pray. To worship and adore you on this  your holy birthday.

Tyler and Ashley Cheek, Carter and Aiden traveled out to Canton, Texas on Thursday for a couple of days. I  think  they did a lot of looking but did enjoy the getaway.

Madeline and W.T. Darnell from Stateville, N.C. have been in Herbert visting with Charlene and Butch Duscharme for a few days. They surprised me on Saturday. They had driven up here to the cememtary and did come on by to see me  and of course ice cream. I’m glad they did because if not it would have hurt my feelings, because I knew they were here because Matt’s sister Jean Warren Farris from Tyler, Texas had called me. She also told me they were coming to see her.

Jean and her husband Jerry were going to Ft. Worth, Texas, for the Cowboy Christmas show. I love for her to call me.

Carl and Dan Little were here from West Monroe on Friday to check on me. I do appreciate them.

Justin Thompson is here for a couple of weeks with his mom and dad, Denise and Terry. He came over on Saturday when we voted.

Most of the things we worry about never even happen. Trust your Creator. He loves you.

Our love, prayers and sympathy go out to the Throwers family in the homegoing of Bobby Joel Thrower who was now living in West Monroe. Bobby was one of my class mates at Holly Ridge High School. The  life of the party always. I know he will surely be missed but will never be forgotten. May Gods love help them during this time as we know He will.

Happy Birthday this week to: Ralph Powell (94) years Leelan Steele on December 10th, Brandon Holley on December 11th, Natalie McManus, Charlotte McKnight, Landon Graham Magee, Tony Brock, Carolyn Calloway and yes me (81) years on December 12th, Dustin Self and Lacy Self on December 13th, Maddie Senn and Frankie Faust on December 14th, Rachel Head, Tammie Hough and my great granddaughter Little Charlie Kate Burdeaux on December 15th, Glenn Mann on December 16th and Great Granddaughter Ahndi Lynn December 16th. May these celebrate many many more happy ones.

Anniversary wishes to: Sherman and Geneva Williams, Dennis and Amanda Lewis on December 16th. May these share many more happy years together. 

Have a great week. Smile and it will be returned!

Remember: While you’re sanitizing and wiping everything down, be sure to wipe hatred out of your heart. That’s a virus too.

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