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Is Strictness the Problem?

A ‘good deal of nonsense is being palmed off today concerning the reaction of a child from over-strictness in parental training.

I sometimes hear, “My parents brought me up so rigidly that a reaction took place in my mind, and I have turned away from religion.” I then ask, “Did they teach you to be honest?” “Yes.” “Were they strict about that.” “Yes”. “Did they teach you to tell the truth?” “Yes.” “Were that strict about that?” “Absolutely”.

Have you suffered mental damage because of those two instances? Were they wrong to insist on? At that point they usually just quietly shake their head “no”. Lessons taught by parental training are often hard, but there can be . no compromise in teaching many of the lessons a parent must teach.

No person learns the multiplication table from sheer love of it. It is always tenuous in learning it. However I know of no person that has suffered mental damage from learningt. Life’s lessons are hard to master. A strict and unwavering hand often is needed for many to learn life’s lessons.

Nacmon and Nett Barrier enjoy their visitors from Mississippi last week.  Marge and Coyo Bozman come for a two day visit.  They always enjoy their company.

Here on Friday for a most welcome visit was Bobby and Rita McCowin from Farmerville.

I went by to visit my new great granddaughter, Charlie Kate and her mom, Lena Kate on Thursday.  She is so fine, of course, she’s mine.  Ha!

Louise Carter enjoyed her Easter Sunday in Jackson, MS. at the home of Jason and Lindsey Martinez and Kylie Jo.

Gene Stewart came by on Saturday for ice cream and sat down for a visit while he ate it.  We had a great visit.

Visitors over the weekend with Janice and Steve Lofton was their children from Texarkana, Jenna and Josh Bilster, Stephen, Ethan and Maxwell.

Happy birthday this week to Mrs. Myrtis Mann (90 plus)  Bonnie G. Sapp on April 5, Ben Cheek, Logan Stewart, Mary Plakrilis on April 6, Linda Calloway on April 8, Margie Chislom and Annaleigh Simmons on April 10, Kay Bryant, Kellie H. Thames, Blake Cobb, Joney Adams on April 11.

I wish all of these celebrate many more happy ones!

No anniversaries. Ha!  If you have one, I hope it’s a happy one.

Have a great week!  Please call and share!

Remember: Churches are not museums that display perfect people.  They are hospitals where the wounded, hurt, injured and broken find healing.

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