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God, What word do you have for me today?

“When it seems like absolutely everything is going wrong, trust Me. When your life feels more and more out of control, thank Me. Trusting and being thankful in the middle of a really bad day are supernatural responses, and they unlock My supernatural power in your life. I’ll see you through whatever mess you’re in and fill you up with My peace, which is beyond any of your understanding.

There seems to be less visiting since the Covid, but hey we are still blessed up in the part of the state. Yes, we got several inches of rain but the wind was not as destructive here as it was down south Louisana. God is good and it will dry soon I’m sure.

Sunday afternoon I was shocked when Charles Richard and Jo McDonal came by for a visit that they had been promising for several years. I did enjoy them.

Richard gave me Coach Chiles Carpenters phone number so I called him this morning. He is living with his daughter in West Monroe. 

Had the best visit on  the phone. I intend to call him again, Coach was my class sponsor at Holly Ridge 9-12 grade. He was shocked I think to hear from me.

Be happy with what you have. While working for what you want, remember, a happy and successful life begins with God and ends with God.

Happy Birthday this week to: Tim Stockes, Betty Corbett, Zoe Mae Moore on October 15th, Lee Williams on October 16th, Tina Cox, Spence Clack, Richard Mann on October 17th, Jason Pyles, Caleb Franks on October 18th, Jason Stanley, Alicia Blaylock, Breleigh Mann on October 19th,  Stella Absher, Caroline Franklin, Dawn Man Haskin on October 20th, Dougles Thompson, Sue Holley on October 21st. May these celebrate many more happy ones.

Anniversary wishes to: Larry and Patty Dew on October 15th, Robert and Margie Chislom on October 18th, Alvin and rose Stowe on October 20th. I wish for these many more happy years together!

Have a great week!

Remember: Morality may keep you of of jail but it takes the Blood of Jesus Christ to keep you out of hell.

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