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I can’t brag about my love for God because I fail Him daily. But I can brag about His love for me because it NEVER FAILS.

Yes, I’m a Christian. Yes, I can be the biggest hypocrite ever. I backslide, I stumble, I fall, I stray onto the wrong path. But God is working in me. I may be a mess, but I’m His mess. And He is slowly straightening me out. And the day will come when I will be by His side, His work in me completed. And until that day I will take His hand, and let Him do in me whatever needs to be done, no matter how painful it will be for me. When He is finished, it will be worth it.

Recent visitors with Naman and Jeanette Barrier were his daughter, Barbara Bates, grandchildren, Justin Long and Zack Long from Philadelphia, Miss. 

The Dove’s were here from Shreveport last weekend with Connie and Charles Dove to go dove hunting. Ha! (Not good.) They were Mike and Brenda Dove and two grands and Thomas Dove and a friend, Mark Adams. Always good to see the Dove boys!

My unexpected visitors, but happy to see them, were Dawn and Mitchell Jordan, granddaughters, Chloe and Carleigh from West Monroe. Also Jeff Barton and daughter, Drew, from West Monroe. It had been several years since last I saw some of them.

Here for Aiden’s birthday on the 10th was his Aunt Kelsie from Lafayette. It was his special day and he let everyone know it.

Joe and Maxine Quimby Griffin from Maddison, Ala. were here for the burial of her brother, Max, and they came by the store for a visit with me. She and I went to school together, yes, many years ago. Ha!

Happy Birthday this week to: Chris Patrick and James Werner Hamm on September 17th, Sherman Williams, Gene Seniff and Bebbie Futch Watson on September 18th, Felicia Brock Floyd, Jacob Stokes, Ruby G. Smith on Septmeber 19th, Bro. Keith Evans on September 20th, Melva Thompson Summers, Tate Nix, Wayne Winstead on September 21st, Corrine Stokes, Linda R. Nix, Lillian Reems on September 22nd, May Greg Thompson, Patricia Thompson, Jo Ellen Gewinn, Becky Herrington Johnson on September 23rd. May all of these celebrate many more happy ones!!

Anniversary wishes to: Cassie and Trent Livingston, Sarah and Menko Thompson on September 17th. I wish for these a lot more happy years together!!

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Remember: Morality may keep you of jail but it takes the Blood of Jesus Christ to keep you out of hell.

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