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Limping To Jerusalem

When I see a very old church, I think about the people who worshipped there. 

They endured two world wars, depression, legalized racism, crop failures, the polio epidemic, financial hardship with no food stamps, Medicare, Welfare, Medicaid, Social Security or unemployment benefits. 

They didn’t have TV or DVD’s or smart phones or fast food or a thousand different ways to entertain themselves on long winter nights. 

What did they have? They had God. They had prayer. They had community. They had grit. They endured as seeing Him who is unseen. 

They endured because they knew this world was not their home. They endured. These old boards have a lot of wisdom to share because of those who have gone before.

Hat’s off to Friday Ellis in his victory for mayor of Monroe. Make’s me proud because his family, the Ellis roots, were here in Richland Parish. I know he will make us proud.

Steve and Janice Lofton, Josh and Jenne and Children enjoyed a week’s vacation in and around Branson. They truly enjoyed the presentation of Noah.

Lee and Melva T. Summers from Saloam Springs, Ark., and her brother, Alton Williams from West Monroe, were here on Tuesday for a visit which I really enjoyed.

Here on Friday was Sue Cobb from Lafayette. She brought me a few more Holly Ridge books to sell, so if you need one come on by. 

I heard through the grapevine that Billy Ray Self and His little wife celebrated their (56th) anniversary on June 12th. Congratulations to them and I think he has retired. 

Happy Birthday this week to: Peggy Blanton, Angelo Watson on July 16th, Lisa Dixson, Mary Stanley, Beth Thompson on July 17th, Elizabeth Sharplin on July 18th, Lana Sue Clack, Brance Franks, Wayne Vadenstein on July 19th, Niki Thompson, Mrs. Pauline Watson on July 20th, Roman Rawls, Shannon Miller on July 21st, May these celebrate many more happy ones!

Anniversary wishes to: Kylie and Brad Brown (11) years on July 18th. I wish for them many more happy years together.

Have a great week and safe week. Thanks to those who have given.

Remember: Every person you see is someone Jesus thought enough of to die for. Remember that in how you treat others.

Call me at 728-2604 and share your happenings with us. Okay!

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