Holly Ridge Happenings

“The former things have taken place and new things I declare.” -- Isaiah 42:9

God is not looking at your past thinking of all the things He could have done in your life, if only you had done the things you should have done with your life. He is not the God of could have, should have, or would have the past. He is the God who says “I will present and future!” He is the the One who makes a way where there is no way. He is the One who takes us by the hand and leads us out of adversity, and back onto the right path that He has prepared for us. So don’t live your live as a prisoner to your past. What God has prepared for you, is before you! Be blessed and be encouraged!

Back on the island! Here since January 7th, the ferry is now running so Greg, Cooper and Ben have been pressure washing the Riverland Hunting camp on Kingsport Island in the Mississippi River trying to “ready” it for a better hunting season. Now Gary will have to take a few days off from painting. Ha!

Congratulations to June McCartney. On Wednesday, July 1, June ws honored with a retirement party at the Bistro after 27 years at Helena Chemical. There were a large number of family and friends who shared this happy occasion with her. After the party, Toni McCartney Elkens and her children, Avery, Mac, Spencer and Sadie from Frenchman’s Bend come by for ice cream and to see me (I like to think that anyway) Ha!

Thursday, Roger and Cathy Stockton from Start came by for a visit. We did enjoy them. It was me, Louise, Tanya and Alan here for their visit. They need to come more often. 

Fourth of July was celebrated on Sunday at Aunt Lannie’s home for her children, grandchildren and great grands. Haven’t talked with her, but I’m sure was plenty of food, fun, love and fellowship going on.

After our lunch at the pool at my house, itw as a hot one, so I left the swimming party and went back to the store where it was cooler. Greg, Jeanne, Ben, Emily and a friend, Cooper, Grace and Colton went to Vicksburg for the fire works show. Just fantastic I’m sure! I had fireworks just down the road from my house on Sunday night. I think it was at the Stewarts. I just stood out in my carport and enjoyed them. They were beautiful.

Talk with God, no breath is lost. Walk with God, no strength is lost. Wait for God, no time is lost. Trust in God, you will never be lost.

Happy birthday this week to: Kay Silk on July 9th, Bubba McLemore, Jennifer Franks, Sharon Sistrunk, Bubba Dunn on July 11th, Regina Lipscomb, Melvin Herman, Lil Clyde Jones, Austin Gibson, Alvin Stowe Morgan on July 13th, Shirley A. Thompson, Courtney Parker, Destiny Dickens on July 14th, Clayton Paul, Maxwell Tubbs on July 15th, May these celebrate many more happy ones! 

Anniversary wishes to: Luke and Betty Hamaker on July 12th, May they share many more happy years together! Have a great week! Stay cool and safe. Thanks to you who have given to your cemetery funds. 

Remember: Our struggles aren’t strange to God. He understands us better than we do, and He LOVES US.

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