Holly Ridge Happenings

God’s Seeds

We are but seeds in God’s garden, 
His garden on Earth, His delight, 
the Planter of all of the seeds, 
the marvelous Giver of Life.

Planted with love and care, 
we will then take root and grow? 
His help is essential at first 
and throughout the process, we know.

For a seed cannot live without water. 
A seed cannot live without light.
To grow as he wished when planted
we must seek the water and light.

Pursuing with all of our heart 
those things for survival we need. 
If we are to live to the fullest, 
the Planter we must receive.

For He is the Light and the Water. 
He is everything that we need. 
To have life abundant and joyful
in the Giver of life, we believe.

Ricky Goodman and Gary Branch motored down to Empire, La. last week for a couple of fishing days. No lunch, so they didn’t stay very long, Ha. Got another call from Jean Melton. I always enjoy visiting on the phone with her.

Sue Cobb from Lafayette was here on Wednesday. She had visited with Jerry and Diane and I was her last stop, almost missed her. She is doing great after her back surgery.

Ruby Gwin Smith and sister, Gail Gwin Mitchell from Many were here on Thursday. She was taking Ruby back by her daughters for a week or two. That will be a good get a way for her.

Jeanne and Cooer went out to Kelli Ryans last week at Canton. Did some ole furniture shopping before returning home. Cooper did a little fishing but no luck.

Here on Thursday was Carolyn R. and Melvin Herman from Talulah. they come to get Guineas from John. They are too noisy. Ha!

Our love and heartfelt sympathy goes out to Betty Corbett and family in the loss of their loved one, Morris Corbett who took his heavenly flight last Wednesday. May God bless and fill the void in each life touched by his life.

We did get a most needed rain of which I’m grateful. God is so Good! Right on Time.

Happy Birthday this week to: Sharon Baum on June 11th, Evelyn House, Rocky Gibson, June Lewis on June 12th, Tyler Mann on June 13th, Hilda Mann Pylant, Donnie Maxwell and Billy Richardson on June 15th, Kim Mills, Linda Hardy Duck, Aryanna Hobbs, Leslie Siscoe on June June 17th. May these celebrate many more happy ones.

Belated birthday wishes to a friend from way back, Billy  Ray Self, on June 17th.

 I wish for him many more Happy birthdays.

Happy Anniversary wishes to: Ricky and Brenda Goodman 45 years on June 14th, Shannon and Charlene Mercer on June 15th, Shanon and Jessica Maxwell on June 16th, John and Martha Jordan, 65 years on June 17th, May these share many more happy years together!

Have a great week! call and share. Don’t forget your cemetery donations.

Remember: God formed us. Sin deformed us. The Bible informs us. But Jesus transforms us.

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