Holly Ridge Happenings

God has Given Us

Eyes, not to judge others but to look beyond situations. A mouth, not to criticize but to speak the truth. Ears, not to sensitize but to listen and believe and aid those in pain, Hands, not to punish, but to give a helping hand. Everything, God gave us has its purpose. Use them for the greater glory of the LORD.

Coming by one day this week were Freeman and Diane McLemore from Monroe. It had been awhile since he had been here. Was so good to see them!

Denise Thompson recently spent a couple of days near Jack, Miss., at Robert and Connie Jo Burney’s. It was a “get-a-way” but I think she did some work. Ha.

David Rawls, Rina and Roman, Trae Stokes, Addie and Kenzie traveled to their camp in Mississippi to remove all of their belongings. All good things must come to an end. They lost their lease but, I’ll bet they will find another one.

Got a call from Ray and Gerri Calloway from West Monroe. Their nephew, Randy Martinez from Vicksburg, had spent several hours visiting with them on Friday. They had an enjoyable day remembering when. Ray and Gerrie were raised here in Holly Ridge. Thanks for answering my request.

There is a special little girl that goes to Richland United Pentecostal Church, that wanted to ride in a fire truck. That special little girl is Haley Nicole Long, the daughter of our pastor and his wife Bro. Ricky Long and Sister Anita Long. 

Haley battled cancer when she was a baby of 17 months old. Now she has tumor growing in the membrane of her spinal cord. The doctors are very concerned about this tumor and plan to do surgery that can be very serious.

So we would like to thank Logan Stewart who went to work on getting her wish completed. So he called the Holly Ridge Fire Department and the Rayville Sheriff’s department (which he is a member of each) and got his all set up for Saturday afternoon, May 23.

We would like to say a special thanks to the Holly Ridge Fire Department, the Rayville Fire Department and the District Eight Fire Department (who donated fire hats and Coloring books). Also a special thanks to our sheriff’s department’s Gary Gilly and Lloyd Ham for escorting us on our route. 

Thanks to all the people of Holly Ridge who stood in their drives with signs and waves cheering us on. A special thanks to Bethany and Billy Townsend, who prepared a delious meal for the Long family and the Stewart families. We would appreciate everyone keeping Haley in your prayers. She brings us all joy at the Richland Church.

Remember you have a purpose in life.

Trae Dixon was like a spider monkey Saturday at my house, cutting down a huge pecan tree that wasn’t any thing but trouble for the pool. Now its gone.

Happy Birthday this week to: Roger Dew, Will Senn on May 28th, George Dew on May 29th, my grandson Tyler Cheek, Karen Seniff on May 30th, Teresa Rawls, Lauren Berit, Jeannie Donald on May 31st, Nephew Justin Thompson, Opal Jones, But McNeese on June 1st, Todd Hough on June 3rd. May these celebrate many more happy ones. There are not anniversaries recorded. So if you had one, here is hoping it was a happy one!

Call if you have news to share! 

Remember: When this lockdown ends completely, we don’t deserve parties. We need to change our lives Spiritually because God had given us another chance to live.

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