Holly Ridge Happenings

Peace On Earth, Good Will  Toward Men

God placed the peace He promised into the hands of man, but man has never kept that peace since endless time began. For man has never understood, either now or then. That peace comes not through battles but doing good unto all men! And when we meet with “strangers” on life’s busy thoroughfares, Be not forgetful that there by of angels pass us unawares” And when we are at peace with God then only will we find The peace on earth He promised and eternal peace of mind! Please have a very safe and Happy Holidays.

Had some visitors on Monday that I had not seen in years! Patsy Adcock Smith brought her sister Jackie Adcock Frizsell from North Carolina. We did do some remembering when and who the best I could. They did not know that they were at what some people call it, “the bureau of information.”  Ha. I love it, They had coffee and said they would be back. Hope so.

Bro. Jerry and Mona Reed from South Mississippi come by for ice cream. 

Yes I dip, cold or hot. They had been over to visit his brother Buddy who wasn’t very well. Bro. Jerry said he would soon be at that church as pastor for 37 years. (He must have started when he was very very young). That is great.

My Little Neighbors North of us have a beautiful Christmas yard, Very festive. Scott and Jessica Duckworth and little Gannon Drove by to see and enjoy.

We had a girls night out on Monday. Louise, Tanja and Diane carried me out to the Cracker Barrel (which I had never been) for my birthday. The food was great and I could have looked all day at their goods. We also saw Ruby Ann and Ritagay there plus I met Judge Roberts sister, Shirley. Great night!

Happy Birthday this week to Maddie Senn on December 14th, Rachel Head, Tammie Hough, on December 15th, Glenn Mann on December 16th, my great granddaughter Ahndi Thompson. on December 16th, Jimmy Dale Parker, Richard Blaylock, Morris Corbert, Mallory Carter on December 18th, My great granddaughter Ainsley Earl, Christian Thompson on December 19th, Jessica McNeese and Nancy King Foster on December 20th. May they all celebrate many more happy ones. 

Anniversary wishes to: Tina and Eric Silk on December 15th, Amanda and Dennis Lewis, Geneva and Sherman Williams on December 16th, Charlotte and Herbert Thomas (62 years) on December 17, Margie and John Thomas (53 years) on December 18th, Sherry and Shorty Hough and Nellie and Douglas Thompson on December 19th. May these share many more happy years together.

Have a good week, Don’t shop til you drop but do have a great time.

Remember: Cherish each hour of the day for it can never return.

Merry Christmas!! 

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