Rayville Hornet basketball dynasty looks good in 2021

What does D-Y-N-A-S-T-Y spell?

If it doesn’t spell Rayville High School boys basketball, it doesn’t spell anything. Look at the record. Every year they don’t win the state championship, they go deep in the tournament.  And last year they came within 26 seconds of  winning a three-peat.  

I think after this season is over, I’ll be saying  they came within 26 seconds of making it four in a row. In district 2-AA no one can remember if or when they lost a game.

Maybe there are some grandfathers that remember. I know I don’t. 

What’s the secret you may ask?  Simply the consistency of the staff. It all started when Damon West became head coach and added Antwuan James as assistant and Billy Green, Ron Ellis and Johnny-Mack as helpers and there you have it. A cohesive group that can’t get any better that this.They have been together many years.

This covid-interrupted season has played havoc with  games and reporting. Vidalia and Ferriday have elected not to play at all -- which may be for the better as Rayville will try to fill in the gaps with powerful teams out of Monroe: Ouachita, Wossman, Carroll and Neville. Ouachita 5A is always strong. Neville is ranked 6 in 4A. Wossman is # 1 in 3A and Carroll is #3.

Thus far the Hornets lost to Carroll 70-78. Coach West missed this game due to COVID-protocol. They beat Ouachita 84-82 in over time and split with Wossman 67-77, 65-61.

And not to shy away from strong competition, the Hornets traveled to Baton Rouge to take on perennially powerful Madison Prep Academy, #2 in 3A, and disposed of them 78-69. And this was with only eight players (two had strep throat, the other mono.)

Other big wins include Booker T. Washington (Shreveport), 72-66, and Captain Shreve, 74-70.

The Hornets, by the way, are ranked #1 in the state in Double A. They are doing this with hardly anyone on 6’1”. Next week we will meet the boys who are keeping this  tradition alive.

As a side note, one of the definitions for dynasty in Merriam-Webster is: a powerful group oar family that maintains its position for considerable time.

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