Hornets dominate the courts in basketball action

I stand corrected on  the height of the Hornets.

Last week I said something about “barely 6’1”.”  Kashie Natt says he is 6’3” and Devon Ellis says he is 6’5”.  I think they are getting measured in the doctor’s office with very thick-soled shoes on. They just don’t look tall, but that doesn’t matter. They play tall. This is evidenced by the lop-sided victories since our report last week.

Neville ranked #8 in 4A on their home court and started out tough. The Tigers led most of the first quarter with the Hornets only pulling ahead 23-21 at the end of the period on the strength of four three-pointers. Neville was fast and could get the ball up and down the court but had trouble getting to the basket. 

Rayville was faster and got to the bucket and at the end of the first half led 56-29 as Jalon Qualls hit three of his five three-pointers in the second quarter. The Hornets built the lead to 35 before going on to win by 29, 91-62. Remember this is with Neville, one of the top guns in 4A.

Four Hornets were in double figures: Kashie Natt, 20, Qualls, 19, Zyquarius Coward, 15, and Cameron Smith, 10.  Demaron Williams had 9 and Torig Percy 8. LaBrandon Butler and Devon Ellis had 4 each. Zalon Hedgeman added 2. Tyler Bass and Clay Thompson played but did not score.

The next night in Rayville, the Hornets entertained General Trass of Lake Providence. (Well, I’m not sure you could called it “entertained.” I think it must have been much like a nightmare to the Panthers.) They seemed much improved over last year to me. Even so, the Hornets came out gunning and led 25-12 at the end of the first. At half, it was pretty much over 64-26. (Do you realize if the Hornets had duplicated their score in the second half they would have scored 128.  The “mercy clock” helped prevent this.) The final score, 92-46.

Despite the lop-sided score, there was an interesting tidbit in the game that I had never witnessed before, college or pro. Zyquarius Cowart scorched the net with 10 -- count ’em, 10 -- three pointers on his way to 37 points.  But wait, there’s more.  With the score 50-24 he scored the next 14 consecutive points for the Hornets to close out the half 64-26. And there is still more.  In the fourth quarter, he made a 3 and was fouled shooting another. All he did was go to the line and calmly drain three free throws. When you’re hot, you’re hot.

Say! Would that make it 11 threes? (See what you are missing by not seeing these boys play?)

All together the Hornets hit 16 threes.  Percy had four in making 22 points. Natt, one in scoring 9 points.  Hedgeman and Smith had 5 each, Ellis and Thompson 4 each. Bess, Williams, and Butler closed out the scoring with 2 each. Qualls played but did not score. 

They are still ranked #1 in 2A and now the only problem is to find enough games to keep them sharp for the state tournament.

The same is true for the girls.  After a blowout game with General Trass (it was really ugly), the Panther coach called later that one of her girls was Covid-19 positive.  So now our girls are in a 10- or 14-day quarantine.

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