Hornets dominate against Mangham, Bastrop teams

Well, not much to report since our last column. 

Mangham came into town Friday and Bastrop on Monday and it was pretty much “Ho Hum” as the Rayville Hornets did it again. Blew them out 90-35 and 94-40 respectively.  

Scoring, though vital, is such a small part of the game when you consider assists, rebounds (defensive and offensive) steals, turnovers and percentage of shots made just to mention a few other nuances of the game.  However, if I were able (which I’m not) to report on all phases of the game, I might be giving you more information than you want.

Some people don’t even care who did the scoring, just the final score and who won.

Speaking of which, one of the great characteristics of a Damon West team is the unselfishness of the players.  They don’t much care who scores as long as they get the job done. I think they would rather make an assist than score. You have to be there in person to appreciate the rare skills of this team.

But there are some who want to know who did the damage, so I will accommodate you with the following: (Mangham first, then Bastrop) K. Natt, 19-16; J. Qualls, 14-1; Z. Cowart, 6-16;  T. Percy, 13-13; T. Bess, 6-0;  Z. Hedgeman, 4-7; D. Williams, 1-4; D. Ellis, 0-14; C. Smith, 10-14; D. Dixon, 13-9; C. Thompson, 4-0.L. Butler played in both games but did not score.

There you have it. Keep in mind that these are rather unofficial stats.

Parkway of Shreveport came into town Tuesday past the deadline for the Beacon. We will have this report next week.  

Will the Hornets finally have some competition from this 5-A power out of Shreveport?

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