Hornets cruise to victories

Two  more up and two more down as the Rayville High School Hornets continue to roll through the district with easy wins over Vidalia (108-34) and Beekman Charter (89-29). 

In the first game, the Hornets accomplished something even the state championship super teams did not manage. They scored 46 points in the first quarter.  Averaged over the game that would equal 184 points.

It was not as though Coach Damon West was trying to run up the score.  With about four minutes left in the first quarter he put in the entire second unit.  

That only seemed to exacerbate the problem. From then on they shared the playing time.

They may have set a half-time scoring record as well. They led 75-10.  It is the only game I have ever seen that the “mercy” clock was in effect at the start of the second half. The Hornets still “busted” the clock 108-34.

This is one of the games for the ages so next week I will go into detail with names and scoring. Meanwhile a trip to Mangham on Jan. 31st is in the offing.

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