By Keith Collins

 Lichens are composed of two different organisms, an algae and fungus, which grow together for the mutual benefit of on another. 

These crusty or leaf-like organisms may be a variety of colors including brown, gray, green, yellow and white. 

They form on many surfaces such as rock, soil and fallen logs. 

They are most noticed when seen on trees in home landscapes and are often thought to be a disease. 

When a tree shrub declines due to environmental stress or disorder, its leaf canopy thins and allows sunlight to enter and support lichen growth. It frequently appears on trunks or branches that were already in poor or declining health. 

While there presence may indicate there is a problem, they are not harmful to trees. 

Lichens are commonly seen on trunks of healthy trees where limbs have been trimmed above mowing height or for tree forming which allows sunlight on the tree trunk which gives it the opportunity to grow. 

Some appreciate the value it brings to landscapes and others do not. 

Copper based fungicides applied to the trunk will eliminate the problem but will likely re-occur with available sunlight. 

Contact your local Extension Office at 728-3216 or come by at 702 Madeline St, Rayville. 

You can also visit the LSU AgCenter website at


Keith Collins is the Richland Parish County Agent for the LSU AgCenter.

The LSU AgCenter sweet potato field day will be held Aug. 7 at the Sweet Potato Research Station in Chase, beginning with registration at 7:45 a.m.

The program will begin at 8:15 a.m. and feature reports from LSU AgCenter scientists on their current research, which will include:

• Potential for using unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) in agriculture.

• Weed management.

• Equipment demonstration of a modified bulk harvester and vine snapper.

• Insect research.

• Improving foundation seed production.

• Vegetable disease research.

• Optimizing root development and yield potential.

• Nematode management.

• Sweet potato breeding program.

• Industry updates.

 • Optimizing production practices for fresh market and processing venues.

 Contact Tara Smith, research coordinator, at 435-2155 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information concerning the field day,

 The Sweet Potato Research Station is located on La. Highway 15 in Chase.

Jerry Lynn Graham

Chief of Police


 I, Jerry Lynn Graham, formally announce my candidacy for the office of Chief of Police for the Town of Mangham in the election slated for November 4, 2014. 

My family and I have lived in Mangham for most of our lives and personally know just about everyone in town. 

I have honorably served in law enforcement for 23 years. I am a graduate of Mangham High School and a graduate of the North Delta Police Academy in Monroe, La. I have attended several in service classes involving various training methods related to law enforcement. 

For years, I have been actively involved supporting our youth, whether it be supporting all aspects of our Mangham schools or as a coach, umpire, and past president of our girls Dixie Softball program from 2005-2011. 

If elected as Chief of Police, our department will be very active in our schools and our summer programs for our children. Our children are the future for our town, state, and country! We will strive to help them in any way possible! 

Also, we have several elderly people in our community that either live alone or that are confined to their homes. We will implement a plan that these people will be checked on by the police department on a regular basis. We want them to know that we care and will always be just a short distance away and will never forget about them! 

As Chief of Police, I will work closely with our local governing authority in hopes of securing more opportunities for the police department to grow and to get up to speed in today’s society. Our department will enforce the laws of this country, state, parish, and town. 

Yet, everyone will be treated with courtesy and professionalism! Everyone will be treated in a fair, impartial manner and the way they expect and deserve to be treated? 

The decision I have made to run was not taken lightly. It is was the encouragement from my family and supporters and believing in what I’m doing that I can make this announcement. 

I look forward to seeing as many people as possible before the election and hearing your concerns. I ask for your prayers and I appreciate your friendships through all the year! On November 4, 2014 I need your help and I humbly ask for your vote. 

Thank you, 

Jerry Lynn Graham

Candidate for Police Chief

Town of Mangham