March 8 was UMW Sunday at Crew Lake United Methodist Church.

The United Methodist Church Women were in charge of the Sunday morning service.

The choir was made up of all ladies. The choir leader, Carolyn Patterson, lead the songs while Connie (Lynn) Word played the piano. Old traditional songs were sung by the choir and congregation.

After the Call to Worship, Brenda Duffey welcomed each one. Mary Joyce Whitten gave the opening prayers and Emma Jo Sullivan did the greetings and announcements. Jean Powell said an offertory prayer and Sarah Robinson and Frances Goodson passed the plate to collect the tithes and offerings.

Joan Brown called for the sharing of joys and concerns. Afterwards, Lillian Whitten led the Pastoral Prayer and everyone joined in for the Lord’s Prayer.

Next, Diane Williams introduced the skit “Disabilities Etiquette: Can You Believe It?” The skit took place in a small cafe. Some of the ladies had gone there after UMW meeting. The cast of characters was Waitress with little patience, Connie (Lynn) Word; Jane, visually impaired, Frances Goodson; Sally, physically impaired, Melva Gilbert; Emily, hearing impaired, Brenda Duffey; and Pricilla, 50-year-old stroke victim, Dianne Williams.

The characters mostly talked about how people would try to help them but it would make matters worse. This skit was a comedy. It was not done to belittle anyone with a disability. The intention was to bring some joy, smiles and laughter to the church family, which still has many members who are sick or have family members with an illness.

From the laughter, everyone seemed to enjoy the skit. When it was over, the pastor, Marshall Sevier, had the closing prayer and all joined with the amen. 


By Charlotte Sims

Special Report


Boeuf River Chapter NSDAR’s monthly meeting was March 16, 2015 at the Rhymes Library.

This was a special event to recognize and honor Vietnam veterans on the 50th anniversary of the war. Veterans of Richland Parish were invited, along with family, to attend. DAR members felt it was a time to express our appreciation for their service and years of their life spent in military service.

The library was beautifully decorated with patriotic colors -- red, white and blue -- flags, flowers and music.

Program for the afternoon was Jamie Harrel offering many stirring songs. Darryl Tate, minister of Rayville Methodist Church, opened with a prayer, the pledge of allegiance and attendees singing the National Anthem. The Rev. Tate told of his father, age 91, being one of the last survivors of Iwo Jima and other battles in the Pacific during World War II.

Several speakers, Angela Hales, regent of the Boeuf River DAR chapter; Wyatt Lobrano, who belongs to several veterans organizations and representing Congressman Ralph Abraham; Tina Cielatka, Commander of Tommy Cook American Legion Post 122; all expressed appreciation to these men also.

A place setting was on display in remembrance of MIAs and POWs. Sheriff Lee Harrell and several of his department were also in attendance.

All veterans are appreciated for all they do and have done through all the wartime years to keep our country safe and free.

Everyone present felt a sense of pride for these veterans and being an American citizen. Be sure to thank a veteran.


Charlotte Sims is reporter for the Bouef River Chapter, NSDAR.

The Rayville Police Department made the following arrests for the week of March 16-22.

• Leestedric Jones, 19; 130 Legacy Drive, Rayville; remaining after forbidden.

• Jonathan Paul, 40; 540 Penic St., Pineville; domestic abuse battery.

• Frankie Hoston, 47; 111 Woodson St., Rayville; simple battery.

• Marthony Miller, 18; 102 Kelsey St., Rayville; displaying a weapon.

• Bileejah Riley, 19; 2700 Gordon Ave., Monroe;

no brake lights and no drivers license.

• James Templeton, 29; 304 Hayes St., Rayville; domestic abuse battery, aggravated domestic abuse assault, simple kidnapping and damage to property.

• Christopher Davis, 28; 105 Connell Drive, Rayville; domestic abuse battery and simple criminal trespassing.

• Shamarius Richardson, 24; 108-B Coenen Drive, Rayville; domestic abuse battery.

• Margo Allen, 39; 113 Circle Drive, Newellton; driving under suspension.

• James West, 53; P.O. Box 145, Hodge; careless operation with accident, damage to property greater than $100, no insurance and canceled license plate.

• Shatanna Miller, 29; 125 Legacy Drive, Rayville; driving under suspension, stop sign and no insurance.

• Tamuika Collins, 26; 105 Waldorf St., Rayville; stop sign and no driver’s license

• Shakeyla Lee, 32; 206 Mill St., Rayville; open container.

• Two juveniles were arrested this week. One was charged with unauthorized use of a moveable and one with attempted vehicle burglary and damage to property greater than $500.

•  •  •

The Rayville Police Department issued a total of 20 traffic citations this week. That number includes nine for speeding, three for no seat belt and one each for expired driver’s license, careless operation with an accident, failure to appear with an accident, improper lane use with an accident, license plate light, failure to dim lights (oncoming), running a stop sign and headlights (two required).

•  •  •

Rayville Police Chief Willie Robinson advised all citizens of Rayville that it’s very important to be in court if you are scheduled to appear.

“Whether you have been scheduled to appear in court on a traffic citation or as the victim, witness or suspect of a crime, if you’ve been scheduled to appear in court, it’s mandatory for you to appear,” the chief said.

Chief Robinson stated that failure to appear in court as scheduled will result in a bench warrant being issued for your arrest. 

“If a bench warrant is issued, you will be located and arrested for failure to appear and you may be incarcerated,”  the chief said. “You will also accrue additional fines.”

Chief Robinson would also like to caution motorists about playing their music too loud.

“I am asking that you be considerate of others. In addition, I am reminding you that the Town of Rayville has an ordinance against loud music,” the chief said. “We will be on the lookout for the ones who play their music too loud.”

Chief Robinson encourages all citizens to come by the Rayville Police Department at 900 Harrison St. or to call 728-4431 if you need his help in any way.